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For any ticket-related matters, please contact us at:

Telephone: +965 25 362 453
Saturday - Thursday from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm

Ticketing Terms & Conditions

A. General

The sold ticket (the “Ticket”) allows the holder to attend the event associated with the Ticket (the “Event”) in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Arena Kuwait is the exclusive and sole authorized provider of ticket-selling services for all events at the Arena Kuwait unless otherwise notified officially by The Arena Kuwait.

Tickets purchased through any other sources are invalid and will immediately be deemed canceled upon detection. So, it is highly recommended to buy the Tickets from The Arena Kuwait being the official ticket seller for the Events.

  1. A Ticket is only valid for the date, time and Event specified and should be presented at the time of admission and kept until the end of the Event.
  2. Tickets are scanned at the entrance for validity and only the first scan of the bar code on the Ticket will grant entry. If there are multiple copies of the same Ticket, the scanner at the door will detect that the Ticket has already been scanned and no further entry will be allowed. The buyer's name is indicated on the Ticket.
  3. The Ticket is not resalable, waivable, or transferable to others.
  4. Ticket(s) that are duplicated, resold, waived transferred to others, or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes will be deemed invalid and subject to immediate cancellation.
  5. In case a Ticket was subject to any change alteration or defacing, the Ticket will immediately be invalid, it could only be exchanged with another valid Ticket if submitted within a sufficient period of time prior to the Event date in accordance with the terms and conditions for exchanging tickets as detailed in our website.
  6. If the Ticket has been purchased at the Arena Kuwait Box Office, the buyer may receive a re-printed duplicate ticket by visiting the Box Office at the 360 Mall and providing the necessary proof of purchase.
  7. The Ticket refund and exchange are limited to certain occurrences based on the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy.

B. Ticket Refund & Exchange Policy

Due to the special nature of the activities related to the Event, all Ticket sales are, in general, final and non-refundable.

However, Tickets could be canceled and the amounts paid for will be refunded in any of the following exceptional instances:

  • Cancellation of the Event.
  • Reschedule the Event if the Ticket holder refuses to attend the Event at the rescheduled time.
  • Material Change in the Nature of the Event: if the nature of the Event is changed significantly, the Ticket holder will have the option of either confirming his/her acceptance of the change to the nature of the Event or request for a refund in response to the Arena Kuwait specified conditions/deadline for such an option. If the Ticket holder fails to inform the Arena Kuwait of his/her request for a refund by this deadline, it will be considered a confirmation from the Ticket holder for the modified Event and he/her will not be entitled to request a refund. It is not considered to be a material change in the nature of the Event, any change of (i) a part of the content of the Event, (ii) the members of the group/team performing the Event, and/or (iii) the line-up of any multi-artist Event (for example a festival).

The Arena Kuwait will refrain from issuing exchanges or refunds after a Ticket purchase has been made in the following instances:

  • Ticket is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets
  • The ticket has been resold, waived, or transferred
  • The ticket has been changed, altered, or defaced

If a refund or exchange is to be issued, then it will be the Arena Kuwait management who will process the refund or exchange for the Ticket sold through authorized online channels, box offices, call center, or retail outlets.

A full refund for Tickets purchased prior to the original date of the Event will be given up to the face value of this Ticket. Refund of any transaction amount against any purchase through this website would be refunded to the original buyer and with the same mode of payment. Delivery and order processing fees, if any, will not be refunded.

In order to make a refund for the canceled or postponed Events, the physically purchased tickets should be physically delivered to the Arena Kuwait Box Office located at the 360 Mall.

C. Making A Claim For A Ticket

All claims for a Ticket refund must be made at the Arena Kuwait Box Office at the 360 Mall or by emailing:

The claimer will be given/sent a form to complete.

The claimer should fill in the form and send it to The Arena Kuwait as soon as possible with all the information and documents asked for. It is essential that the Claimer provide as much detail as possible to enable handling his/her claim quickly. It is recommended to keep photocopies of all information the claimer sends to The Arena Kuwait.

Below is a list of the documents needed in order to deal with a claim:

• Claimer’s full personal details

• Ticket purchase details

• Original unused Ticket

• Ticket purchase receipt

• As much evidence as possible to support the claim.

Making A Complaint

The Arena Kuwait aims to provide first-class policies and services. However, there may be times when you feel we have not done so. If this is the case, please tell us about it so that we can do our best to solve the problem by, among others, raising the matter to the organizer whenever it is required. If you make a complaint your legal rights will not be affected.

In the first instance, please email:

Ticketing FAQs

The Arena Kuwait has an exclusive ticketing solution called TAK TICKETS which sells tickets for all our events. Please visit our “Whats On” page for a list of all the events which are selling tickets.

How can I purchase tickets?
The Arena Kuwait wishes to encourage everyone to purchase tickets online. Please visit the “Whats On” page, click the event you wish to purchase tickets for and then you should proceed to our TAK Tickets platform and continue by signing up to your dedicated account or you may continue your purchase as a guest.

How can I buy tickets for the dedicated Accessibility Seating Areas designed for visitors with disabilities?
Customers who wish to buy tickets for the dedicated Accessibility Areas must call the dedicated ticketing telephone number +965 25 362 453.

Please note the following when booking online:

  • Wheelchair positions are for Wheelchair users
  • Proof of eligibility/disability must be provided before the event. Our ticketing team will connect with you in advance of the event.

How can I see a seating plan?
Please visit “Whats On” page on The Arena Kuwait’s website and select the event you would like to attend. Upon clicking the Buy tickets tab, you will be diverted to ‘TAK Ticketing’ where you will be able to view the selected event’s seating plan.

Why is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?
In short, we want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to buy tickets. The ticket limit will be decided by the Promoter and TAK Tickets and they will make sure they advertise this at the beginning of the booking process on the event website.

Why is there a time limit for online purchases?
We want to make sure that as many fans as possible get the chance to book. When you select your seats, you are actually holding those tickets while you go through the checkout process, so no one else can access them. The amount of time you can hold those seats/tickets should be sufficient to complete the application process before paying for your tickets.

Does my child need a ticket if they sit on my lap?
Children aged two and under attending family shows and sitting on an adult’s lap do not need a ticket. Please check specific event details on the “Whats on” page before booking.

Due to the sound levels experienced during an event and the long-term hearing damage this could cause, we strongly recommend that children under five should not attend concerts or events other than those specifically aimed at younger visitors, i.e., children's shows. Please note Any interruption caused by young children/babies that directly affects other members of the audience may result in you being asked to leave the venue immediately.

Where is the Box Office/Ticketing Office?
The Arena Kuwait box office is located on the M2 level of the new 360 Mall expansion. A second box office is located at the public drop-off area and is open on event days only.

What times does the Box Office open on event days?
The box office is usually open on show days at approx. 12pm. On certain show days, the box office may be open earlier or later depending on the nature of the event. To confirm the opening times before arriving, please check out the event page for your event or call +965 25 362 453. Please note, the box office is closed on non-show days.

How do I collect my tickets from the Box Office?
Check what time the box office opens for your event, and head down with your ticket booking confirmation and photo ID. Our box office team will take it from there.

Do I need to present my ID before entering my event?
If there is a strict ID policy in place for your event, we will notify you at the time of booking and in subsequent event communications. However, we suggest you have your Civil ID card with you when attending an event.

Can you scan my ticket on my phone?
We can scan tickets on smartphones.

I bought tickets as a gift and my name is on the ticket.
We appreciate tickets are sometimes bought as gifts, after all, tickets are one of the best gifts you can give. The name on the tickets will not affect the use of the tickets unless stated in the terms and conditions at the time of booking.

Where is my seat?
Your ticket will clearly state the block, row, and seat number for your personal seat. Please note: Seating varies for every event, and the seating layout can be subject to change before the event takes place. Seating plans can be viewed online while purchasing your tickets for the event.

My e-ticket will not print / I have lost my e-ticket, what do I do?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just call our TAK TICKETS customer service number at +965 25 362 453, and they will be able to help you.

I cannot attend my event anymore; how do I get a refund?
In a majority of cases, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase. If you purchased your tickets via our website, then you would be able to view ticket terms and conditions.

How are ticket prices set?
Ticket prices are set by the Promoters and Organisers of the events hosted at The Arena Kuwait.